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The Leaders in Pay Per Call Marketing

Astoria Company was formed by industry experts who build and develop genuine customers for trusted brands. Our veteran team comes from the heart of the advertising industry. We understand real quality lead generation and campaigns that scale.

Why Do Publishers Choose PayPerCall Marketing?

  • Exclusive Publisher Ad Tech.
  • Access to Our Publisher Perk Program.
  • Owned, In-House Programs & Offers.

Why Do Advertisers Choose PayPerCall Marketing?

  • Advanced Fraud & Compliance Controls
  •  Exclusive Distribution Access
  •  1 to 1 Relationship Management to Grow Your Business.

Grow Your Busniess With

PayPerCall MarketingPayPerCall Marketing

PayPerCall Marketing

We help companies accelerate new customer acquisition and grow their brands by leveraging powerful, efficient, proprietary systems and technology platforms that scale.

Grow traffic & increase revenue

Reach New Patients with Lead Smart’s Marketing Experts. To business-minded professionals, we’re your go-to for innovative marketing solutions that help businesses acquire and retain more clients.

  • Daily Progress Tracking Board

  • Directly Contact Your Coach

  • Upgrade / Downgrade Your Services

  • Receive Regular Updates

Why Choose Us

Grow your Business with us

High-Quality Inbound Calls

Pay-per-call generates calls driven by authentic interest. When individuals dial a number, they demonstrate substantial interest in the product or service, making these phone call leads more valuable with enhanced conversion potential.

High Conversion Rates

Pay-per-call has demonstrated a remarkable increase in conversion rates. The direct engagement between the customer and the business facilitates prompt query resolution, fostering trust and elevating the chances of a successful conversions.

Real-Time Reporting

Pay-Per-Call delivers immediate access to real-time analytics. Businesses can track call duration, conversion rates, and other vital metrics on the go. This flexibility allows for rapid adjustments and optimizations, maximizing the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

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