Quality Assurance Team

Advertisers looking to get started in performance marketing often have concerns about affiliate fraud. While most online publishers keep to high standards and will do their best to work well with you, that may not always be the case. PayPerCallMarketing.com call performance marketing provides a number of built-in capabilities to help you avoid affiliate fraud and maintain a high-quality program with high-quality partners.

  • Call quality pricing — You decide what a good call looks like and you pay only for the calls that you like.
  • Payout reversal — If at anytime you spot a transaction that looks fraudulent, it is easy to report it within the platform and request that publisher commissions associated with that call be reversed.
  • Repeat caller detection — Set up the time frame for which a publisher can earn commissions for repeat callers.
  • Call recording — Record all calls for quality assurance purposes and you can audit the full conversation between callers and your agents.
  • Publisher suspension — If at any time you suspect a publisher is engaging in questionable behavior, you may instantly suspend that publisher to discontinue your pay-per-call partnership and their promotions will automatically be turned off.
  • Call blocking — Block and Black list phone numbers in our Lead Exchange to easily shut down individual phone numbers.

Our account management team also uses reporting tools that help identify publisher and caller behavior patterns across our partner networks and individual campaigns. If we identify or suspect fraud, we flag it and report it directly to our network partners.