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Pay Per Call

Pay Per Call

We help companies accelerate new customer acquisition and grow their brands by leveraging powerful, efficient, proprietary systems and technology platforms that scale.

Astoria Company was formed by industry experts who build and develop genuine customers for trusted brands. Our veteran team comes from the heart of the advertising industry. We understand real quality lead generation and campaigns that scale. It’s our business to know the nature of consumers and advertisers that result in verified, high quality new customer acquisitions. Not only do we have proven success in a variety of markets, but we continuously test new ways to bring in consumers to businesses. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to our marketing machine as we’re proficient in Pay Per Call, SEO, PPC, Email, Display, Call Centers, Social Media and offline advertising.

Astoria Company has the people and infrastructure in place to continue to significantly grow its audience, advertiser brands and revenues.

We help companies accelerate new customer acquisition and grow their brands by leveraging powerful, efficient, proprietary systems and technology platforms that scale.

How much does it cost?2024-01-05T11:21:19+00:00

You only pay for phone calls that fit your predetermined and agreed upon criteria. Price will vary on vertical, geo targets, brands and market value.

Where do my ads appear?2024-01-05T11:20:57+00:00

We work with many publishers to display your ads in prominent placements. Upon request, creative and placement will be submitted to you prior to individual publisher approval.

What is the set up process?2024-01-11T19:00:44+00:00

First, contact the Astoria pay per call team and tell them about your business, and the calls you are looking for. Be as specific as possible.

  • Next, Astoria will create and send you an insertion order (contract) for your calls.
  • Figure out the maximum amount you’d pay for a qualified phone lead.
  • Use that amount to set your price per call
  • Track your calls in real time in Astoria.Invoca.Net
What do I need to have in place before I start buying calls?2024-01-05T11:20:13+00:00

Generally, you should have at least 8-10 full time agents available per shift to answer phone calls. Any less, and you run the risk of missing phone calls or having them go to voicemail – thus missing potential customers.

Also, you should be able to take calls from at least 30 states (Exceptions may apply)

What is Pay Per Call?2024-01-05T11:19:47+00:00

Pay Per Call, is performance based advertising in which qualified phone calls are driven to your business via mobile, web, and/or offline marketing strategies.

Why wasn’t I approved for a campaign?2024-01-11T19:04:20+00:00

There are a few key reasons as to why you might not have been approved for a campaign such as:

  • You didn’t apply to the campaign in https://astoria.invoca.net/
  • Inaccurate/misleading or unapproved creatives were submitted
  • The campaign may already have budget that has been assigned to other publishers.
Can you expedite the campaign approval process?2024-01-05T11:01:46+00:00

All creative must be submitted to your affiliate manager for approval prior to launch. Some creative is approved internally, some needs to be sent out for client approval. Generally, you can expect to be approved within 48 hours.

Why are some campaign descriptions so generic?2024-01-05T11:01:12+00:00

Some of Astorias campaigns are bundled, which means we have several buyers on the back end buying calls, so we cannot promote any one specific brand.

Why didn’t I get credit for this call?2024-01-05T11:00:42+00:00
  • Duration
  • Relevancy
  • Coverage
  • Repeats
When, and how, will I get paid?2024-01-05T11:00:09+00:00
  • How: Payments are made via ACH, Wire, or PayPal. Payments are automatic. There is no need to send an invoice.
  • When: Payment occurs monthly, net 30

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High-Quality Inbound Calls

Pay-per-call generates calls driven by authentic interest. When individuals dial a number, they demonstrate substantial interest in the product or service, making these phone call leads more valuable with enhanced conversion potential.

High Conversion Rates

Pay-per-call has demonstrated a remarkable increase in conversion rates. The direct engagement between the customer and the business facilitates prompt query resolution, fostering trust and elevating the chances of a successful conversions.

Real-Time Reporting

Pay-Per-Call delivers immediate access to real-time analytics. Businesses can track call duration, conversion rates, and other vital metrics on the go. This flexibility allows for rapid adjustments and optimizations, maximizing the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

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