Return On Investment

With Astoria’s partnership with Invoca’s pay per call platform, advertisers can increase marketing distribution and get more of the calls that drive business, all while maintaining total control and visibility. With Astoria you can:

  • Create pay per call campaigns
  • Track calls to marketing campaigns and publishers
  • Manage commissions and monitor costs
  • Track partner performance
  • Control call treatment and routing
  • Access custom reporting and real-time analytics

Real Time Pay Per Call Reporting

Invoca’s pay per call reporting not only comes with complete call attribution, but it also shows who is calling and what is happening during those conversations. With each call you can capture:

  • Caller ID
  • Call duration
  • Day and time of call
  • Repeat vs. new call
  • Caller geographic location
  • Device type
  • Call outcome
  • Sale amount

With the Invoca platform, Identify what’s driving your customers to call

Gain insight into the marketing efforts driving your inbound calls – whether they come from email, search, display, or any other marketing channel.